February 7, 2023

What's With A Favorite Sitting Spot?

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I have been sworn to secrecy and took an oath many years ago that I would not reveal anyone’s favorite hunting spot. The below photo shows a great location to sit and wait for Grey Ghost. What I am surprised at is I know who took this photo and I know he likes this place to sit. It had to be a moment of weakness to create evidence. You must understand this is probably a smoke screen of sorts because this is NOT his FAVORITE place to sit.

A favorite sitting spot.

Are you a sitter or a walker/stalker? I do both. I don’t walk and stalk as much as I used to because of a bad back that really limits me. While walking or stalking, I move along slowly. When I come across a likely looking spot to sit, I find a perch, pull out my little camouflaged semi-padded seat and take a rest. I have to admit, many times I look for a place in the sun.

On a cool November day, a south-facing slope with abundant sunshine is like a good drug. I’ve laid right back in the dry leaves, sheltered from the wind, sun brightening on my face and caught a little shut-eye.

Why do we pick the sitting places that we do, other than the obvious reasons? The obvious being game trails, buck pawings and the like. I think it is because we like the “feel” of a spot.

Let’s face it, when we find a place that we think is prime for setting up a tree stand, ground blind or a natural blind, we scout around looking for the perfect place to be.

The above photo only shows the utilization of a natural blind. Only those with top secret clearance are allowed to see what this inviting chair and log look onto. I don’t want to be killed so I can’t tell you.

I think that God created perfect sitting places.

Tom Remington