September 30, 2022

All That An ATV Does Is Chew Up Ground!!

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I have to confess, I used to have a not-so-great opinion of ATVs but I have changed my mind over time. Like when snowmobiles first came out, there were always wars going on between land owners and riders. The same is true today with ATVs.

But as ATV riding evolves and riders become more mature and responsible in how, when and where they ride, this piece of machinery can become quite helpful.

As many of you are aware, I suffer from a bad back. At times it would be difficult to know that I had a back problem while at other times, I’ve had a few days stay in the local hospital and/or rehab clinic.

I love to hunt and I have always put on a lot of miles during my hunting expeditions. Not so anymore. My time spent beating the brush piles and pounding the thickets is limited.

Gaining access to some of my favorite hunting spots is a major obstacle. It has become easier for me though during my week at hunting camp with the onset of ATVs.

Usually we have two ATVs at camp to use. This picture below shows Walt Inman with an ATV bringing home his buck he shot that morning. Without the ATV, we could have gotten the deer out but life became much easier with it.

Walt Inman with buck on ATV

But the real blessing comes in being able to use the machine to gain access to favorite places. One of my most enjoyable spots is on top of one of the mountains nearby to camp. Normally about a good hours hike up steep terrain now is about 20 minutes by ATV.

The landowners have been extremely gracious in granting us permission to take the one access road to the top of the mountain. We park at the end of the road and walk from there.

Last year I was able to hunt the top for the first time in several years. For ATVs I am thankful.

Tom Remington