September 24, 2023

Loving Whitetail Deer Is One Thing But This Is Going Too Far

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A Wisconsin man has been charged with having sex with a dead deer carcass. Yeah, no kidding. This is a true story. His lawyer is claiming that even though Wisconsin law states that it is illegal to have sex with animals, once it is dead it can no longer be considered an animal – according to Webster’s dictionary.

So lets get this straight. From the perspective of the lawyer, having sex with a live deer is a no no. Having sex with a dead deer is not breaking the law – so I guess that would be considered okay to do.

Doesn’t anybody get it? Doesn’t this guy understand that having sex with animals, dead or alive, is not considered an activity that has any social redeeming values? Give me a break! People are sick!

(Hat tip: Desert Rat)

Tom Remington