January 28, 2023

"RapidHonk" Those Deer Right Out Of Your Way

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Remember the deer whistles you can mount on the front of your vehicle that will keep deer from jumping in front of your car? I bought an old Subaru once that had them mounted on the front bumper. Many people would ask me what they were and when I told them they followed up with, “Do they work?” Of course my answer had to be a resounding yes, because I have never hit a deer with that car. Of course I’ve never hit a deer with any vehicle with or without deer whistles. But now there is the new RapidHonk.

You got it! Someone who doesn’t like killing animals but much more prefers harassing them, has invented an electronic device that will deliver a pulsating honk of the horn seven times in a second. He says he doesn’t know why that particular sequence of honks works but it does. He also explains the entire package of how to use RapidHonk to decrease your chances of hitting a deer.

“When you have this, you are part of the safety equation,” he said. “For it to work, you need to be vigilant. The added vigilance is a real plus in itself – hit the horn, slow down and chances are, you will avoid a collision.”(embolding is mine)

So, in other words, whatever it takes to get a driver to pay attention and the risks of hitting a deer shrink considerably. How interesting. Maybe a marquee scrolling sign the mounts on the dashboard that continuously flashes the words, “Slow down you damn fool before you hit something”.

RapidHonk promises to have a website up and running soon where you can purchase your own pulsating honker. The url is http://www.rapidhonk.com. Heck, they’re only $45.00 plus tax. What you got to lose? HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!


Tom Remington