September 25, 2022

Camp David Looking Too Much Like Washington

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Camp David, the Presidential retreat only a few minutes ride by helicopter from the White House, is looking too much like Capital Hill these days. Camp David is overrun with whitetail deer much the same way as Washington, D.C. is overrun with politicians and the like. The major different is that at Camp David plans are being discussed to hire sharpshooters to cull the numbers. In Washington……….never mind.

The forested area around Camp David comprises well over 5,000 acres and authorities estimate a robust deer population of nearly 500 animals. According to the Washington Times, it’s even got to the point where some are concerned about the security and safety of the President.

The deer have stripped the lower levels of trees so clean that there has also been concern about the security and seclusion of the camp where presidents have sought refuge since the 1940s, the Associated Press reported in 1997.

A plan to bring in sharpshooters to cull the herd has followed very typically along party lines (just kidding) but has resembled many other plans in Washington where this one has been the the works for 25 years.

The plan, which is open for public comment through Jan. 26, follows 25 years of research and debate into a deer herd blamed for damaging the 5,770-acre park by browsing excessively.

But if you’re a sharpshooter, don’t get your hopes to high. The plan is still in the discussion stages where hearings will be held and the Humane Society of the United States has become involved in trying to put a stop to the thinning. At this rate, my great-grandchildren might get to witness a plan.

Shooting the animals and donating the meat to charitable services to feed the hungry is the logical step to address the problem but we all understand who is making the decisions here. With the upcoming lame duck Congress, we’re apt to see more deer brought in and feeding troughs set up. Who knows? It may provide jobs for illegal aliens.

Tom Remington