December 9, 2022

Bear Trapped Under Combine A Hoax Says DNR

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The email story that has been traveling at cyber speed around the Internet and one of which I posted the photos, showing a bear trapped under the wheel of a combine, is a hoax according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. WJBC AM Radio has a short item.

If you’ve seen an email that shows a large black bear trapped under a combine in a cornfield, the state Department of Natural Resources says it’s a hoax. In some versions, the email claims that the incident happened in rural Illinois. Others say it was in Wisconsin. The email references DNR, but the agency says that incident of a bear being trapped did not happen in Illinois.

So, it didn’t happen in Illinois. Does that mean it might have happened in Wisconsin? According to some of my readers, it happened in Wisconsin.

The location is Farmington, Wisconsin near the border of Wisconsin-Minnesota (about 40 miles to the Twin Cities in MN)

This bear was near Osceola (Farmington), WI, at the Troy DeRosier farm in NW Wisconsin. The man holding the bear’s head in one of the photos is Troy.

The photos were from the Troy Derosier farm in Farmington WI. A story about it was written by my wife for The Country Today newspaper.

If you would like to read the story that appeared in The Country Today, click here.

Tom Remington