December 4, 2022

No Signs Of Intelligent Life Forms

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If I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t have believed it!

We have all seen highway safety signs up and down the roads of America – “Slow Curve”, “Caution”, “Fallen Rock Zone”, “No Passing”, along with many others. But do we all know what these signs mean? Here’s an example. If you are traveling down a street of roadway and you see a sign that reads, “Pedestrian Crossing”, do you know what it is telling you? Usually this sign is erected to let drivers know that a marked crossing for humans is ahead.

Now if you saw a sign that read, “Deer Crossing”, would you assume the same thing only pertaining to deer? According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, people believe that a “Deer Crossing” sign designates a legal crossing for deer.

Becky Allmeroth, a traffic operations engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation, says the agency frequently receives calls from people asking: “Why do you put them up? Deer can’t read.”

Some people believe herds of deer move across the road at the crossing signs as if they were schoolchildren in a crosswalk. They don’t. The sign may not even mark a spot where any deer ever has crossed the road.

But the real laugh comes from this one woman whose legend has lived on.

The herd-crossing belief may have been at the bottom of a request a deer lover once made of Allmeroth. Allmeroth says a woman who is a public official, whom she will not identify, wanted the crossing sign moved to give the deer a safer place to cross. The request has become an urban legend among those who deal with traffic or deer.


Tom Remington