June 10, 2023

Do Wisconsin Hunters Have Their Priorities Straight?

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The News Hound and Moose Droppings are covering the story about Wisconsin’s jobless rate skyrocketing to coincide with the deer hunting season.

Anyone can take the figures being thrown around and do whatever they want to do with them to make whomever they want, look bad or good. The reality is hunting alone doesn’t cause the spike up in umemployment claims. It’s a seasonal thing with construction and tourist business layoffs, etc. But, make no mistake about it, in Wisconsin they love to deer hunt.

The report claims that many business owners shut down for the week of Thanksgiving – both for the holidays and for the deer season. Say what you will but this is a good sign. It tells us that hunting and its heritage, especially around the Thanksgiving time, is alive and well in Wisconsin. Way to go boys and girls!

Here’s something to think about. I northern Maine during the potato harvest time, the schools are shut down, along with other businesses, so that the harvest can be completed. Maybe it’s time to do the same for the annual deer hunt. All those in favor?????

Tom Remington