January 31, 2023

Skinny Moose Media Web Hosting

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Some of you may be aware that the Black Bear Blog is part of Skinny Moose Media. Skinny Moose is a Network of journalist who write about their passions, whether it be hunting, fishing, or the outdoors. Skinny Moose sets up each journalist with their own website in the form of a blog.

Well, Skinny Moose Media has just announced their improvements in the field of web hosting. In the past Skinny Moose has allowed web hosting as long as they either set up a blog within the network, or if they designed the websites themselves. Today Skinny Moose Media has stepped out and announced they will host your website without the need for their design services. You can just use Skinny Moose for hosting or get the entire hosting and design package.

You will find the prices are very affordable and each account will be looked over by a “real” person and then set-up manually. If you are looking to have a web site or are currently not happy with your host, we hope that you consider Skinny Moose Media to host your website. There are now support forums that have just opened up, and you can always contact us there at hosting@skinnymoose.com. Or go ahead and fill out the Hosting Request Form.

Steven Remington