October 7, 2022

Disarm The Lawful And Violent Crime Goes Up

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That statement is nothing new but those bent on stripping Americans of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, continue to find excuses for spikes in gun crimes following legislation that further restricts gun rights. According to Joe Waldron of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Wisconsin’s Governor Jim Doyle has blood on his hands.

“Twice in the past three years,” said CCRKBA Executive Director Joe Waldron, “anti-gun Democrat Gov. Jim Doyle has vetoed the single piece of legislation that would put victims on equal footing with criminals, and instead he has left citizens at their mercy. Doyle’s callous disregard for the self-defense rights of the citizens who put him in office puts their blood on his hands.

Doyle and other anti-gun activists rant and rave about how violent crime will go away once guns are taken away. The problem is they are very effective at disarming those with a legal right to own guns and yet have no means of disarming the criminals.

“The truth is that Doyle’s anti-gun philosophy has disarmed the wrong people,” Waldron explained. “Instead of enabling citizens to defend themselves, he has perpetuated a low-risk working environment for predatory violent criminals and the Milwaukee murder rate proves it.

We have seen time and time again that we cannot rely on law enforcement for protection. They can’t be everywhere all the time and therefore we should be able to protect ourselves and our families. This continued flawed philosophy of stripping Americans of their guns isn’t working and never will, yet people like Doyle who sidle up with the likes of Michael Bloomberg continue to live in their fantasy worlds believing that if all guns are banned, crime will go away.

Get tough on criminals and do what is necessary to keep guns out of their hands but leave the lawful constitutionally protected citizens alone.

Tom Remington