February 7, 2023

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Recommends To End The Ban On Sunday Hunting

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What is probably raising an eyebrow or twenty, is the announcement of the N.C Wildlife Resources Commissions recommendation to support legislation that would lift the ban on Sunday hunting. WWAY NewsChannel says the Commission will send a report to the legislature along with a recommendation.

The commission voted to send a report to the legislature on Sunday hunting along with their vote after a consultant said the issue is one of the most polarizing he has ever seen.

According to one opponent of Sunday hunting, Mark Duda says his survey showed an overwhelming minority supported Sunday hunting.

Mark Duda (DOO’-duh) says a survey he conducted shows 65 percent of the general population opposes Sunday hunting and 25 percent support it. Duda also says any increase in license sales would be offset by the money needed to pay additional game wardens.

But one of the biggest issues involving Sunday hunting comes as no surprise to many and that’s the issue of it being Sunday – the Lord’s day, a day of rest, a family day, etc.

The Reverend Mark Creech is the executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. He says his membership is very opposed to Sunday hunting under any condition.

Creech says the primary reason is the belief of members in thousands of evangelical churches that Sunday is a day of rest.

Most of those who favor an opportunity to hunt say that they respect anyone’s choice to go to church and spend time with their families but they feel strongly that people should have a choice and for those who choose not to attend church would like to go hunting instead – at least during the hunting season.

We’ll have to continue to watch this issue and see how the legislature reacts to the recommendation.

Tom Remington


When the Wildlife Commission sent its report to the legislature, it made no recommendation. When the legislature took a look at the results of the polls taken, they opted to leave well enough alone and keep the ban in place.

WRAL has more on the story.

Tom Remington