January 31, 2023

Maine's Shark-Infested Hunting Grounds

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As the demographics of Maine change – and I know I will tread on the toes of some by not being politically correct by telling the truth – so too does the “Maine the Way Life’s Supposed To Be” slogan used for so many years. Maine’s landscape is changing. The independent, tolerant, respectful Maine native is disappearing and being replaced by intolerant, disrespectful, narcissistic, greedy, mobs from parts unknown.

There once was a day when if a family lost a loved one, the entire Maine community mourned the loss. That community has shrunk to the immediate family and a few close friends, while the rest of the self-righteous and judgmental Maine residents either could care less or look to have someone’s head severed at the town square guillotine.

There also used to be a day when a person was considered innocent until proven guilty. The problem today is that most uneducated people come through school systems that find it not important to teach things like history, at least that goes back beyond 10 years, and about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are declared innocent until proven guilty but secular progressives have decided such nonsense is no longer needed if it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. The end result is and will be chaos.

Last week, Maine suffered a great loss. A young girl was shot while behind her new home on the Christian Ridge Road in South Paris. Megan Ripley, an 18-year old with her whole life ahead of her, will not get to marry the young man with whom she was to announce her engagement on January 1st. All of her family and friends are in shock and tearfully mourn the loss of life.

A man, who today officials finally released the name of, is a human being as well, with feelings. Timothy P. Bean, 51 of South Paris, evidently was the hunter who was on the other end of his muzzleloader when it went off killing Megan Ripley. We know of no details of the incident as the Maine Warden Service and the Maine State Police have withheld this information pending the completion of the investigation. None of us can imagine what must be going through the mind of Mr. Bean.

The Maine Warden Service and the Maine State Police are an able law enforcement agency that has many years experience in conducting investigations like this. We can only assume that because Bean was not arrested and charged that there was no outright recklessness, criminal intent or conspiracy. It appears that this may be a complicated investigation, one is which the authorities don’t want to mess up.

But the blood thirsty sharks are schooling, already taking bites wishing to draw more blood. Some are demanding that the hunter responsible he hung. Others want to know why he isn’t in jail. He is being called a “Good Ole Boy” by some commenters in the Portland Press Herald. Yet still others are demanding that hunting should be stopped entirely.

People of this kind are a disgrace to the human race in my opinion. Will I be scorned for being so harsh? Probably, but I feel it needs to be said. Some need to get down off their almighty high horses and let our justice system work. Tim Bean is an innocent man until such time that a court of law finds otherwise.

A shark will attack as soon as they smell blood and this is what has happened from the very first day that it was announced in the press that Megan Ripley was killed. Newspaper writers immediately began speculating in order to embellish their stories. Instantaneously, reporters where “assuming” that the hunter mistook Ripley for a deer and quoting the new law that puts the responsibility on the hunter to identify their target. Others wanted to blame Ripley because she chose not to wear hunter orange clothing.

Registered Maine guides offered up their “expertise” declaring the hunter “irresponsible” and “giving responsible hunters bad names”. Now, on the day that Megan Ripley will be laid to rest and the family is looking for reverence and support from their community, the waters are overrun with hungry sharks ready to crucify Timothy Bean, and hunters in general.

Mark Latti, communications guru for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has released all information that the investigators feel they can in order to complete the investigation in the most professional manner and yet the sharks are condemning the actions of the law enforcement agents and claiming they are protecting “a good ole boy”, because he’s a hunter. Where do these people come from? I can tell you they are not Mainers, at least not the generation I grew up in and the ones prior to that. They would be showing compassion and thoughtfulness toward the Ripley family and respect and consideration toward the law enforcement people who have to do an unwelcomed job.

You sharks disgust me and I hope you disgust the majority of Maine residents. Put your personal agendas away and let the Ripley family mourn in peace. Law enforcement will do their jobs and more than likely will do a good job. Once all the facts are in and decisions are made by law enforcement on how to proceed, then you can continue your embarrassing assault on the intelligent, respectful, compassionate Maine citizens.

Tom Remington