November 27, 2022

Don't Be An Inconsiderate Slob!!

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All season long I have been reading account after account of people discovering deer body parts dumped on their property illegally. In some instances, it would appear that the perpetrators even went to the pains of distributing the remains in such a way as to have maximum shock effect.

Dumping deer remains on somebody else’s land is a crime but authorities will tell you that it is next to impossible to find out who did it after the fact. You either have to catch the person(s) when they are in the act or as in some cases, the perps are stupid enough to leave their tag on the carcass, in which case authorities can trace the number back to the license holder.

Disposing of deer remains in this fashion is laziness, ignorance, dangerous, hazardous, disrespectful and only serves to give landowners more reason to post their land and give hunting and hunters a bad name.

If you can’t assume the complete responsibility of being a licensed deer hunter by properly taking care of everything that you do from start to finish, do us all a favor and stop hunting.

Tom Remington