October 2, 2022

Who Would "Thrill Kill" Six Elk?

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Washington state authorities are working to piece together a reward offer for anyone who can help to identify the sick individual or individuals who opened fire on a herd of elk killing four cows and two calves. Wildlife officials say the person or persons used a semi-automatic weapon and it appears they just drove up on a herd of grazing elk and opened fire. They describe it as a “thrill kill”, because nothing was taken – no meat, antlers and any elk parts, usually indicating that the killer(s) did it for the thrill of it.

The dead elk were all mostly shot in the hind end indicating that the elk were running away. Officials also say none of the elk died instantly. They left the area and returned where they died. One calf was barely alive when they got to it and had to put it down.

Wildlife officials say that there may be other wounded elk that got hit and some may have run off and died. They are still searching the area.

Anyone with any information that might be of help in solving this case are encouraged to call authorities.

Tom Remington