June 3, 2023

Hungry Polar Bear Traps Russian Weathermen

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Russians at an Arctic weather station could have easily become lunch for one hungry polar bear. The bear crashed into the building, devouring a couple of dogs and ransacking the house looking for food. The Russian scientists escaped and hid up in the attic of the building for two days, waiting for approval to shoot the bear.

In case you missed what I just wrote, they hid in the attic for two days waiting for permission to shoot the bear. Now unless attics in buildings at a weather station in the Arctic are some better than attics that I am aware of, I don’t think there’s any way I would have waited for two days.

And just in case you are wondering who or what to blame on this. It’s not George Bush directly but officials say the bear became restricted to this area of the weather stations because of, you guessed it, global warming. If GW had only signed that Kioto Agreement, the polar bear would have survived.

Tom Remington