September 24, 2023

Drive-By Deer Poaching

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Takin’ it to the streets! We hear everyday about how deer have found safe havens in people’s back yards all across America. The same is true in the Naples, Florida area. A small city on the southwestern coast that is growing rapidly and expanding into the forests, fields and mangroves.

In development neighborhoods like Golden Gate Estates, deer can be seen most often and for poachers like 20-year old Donald Barrs and 22-year old Joe Barrs, taking their poaching to the streets seems easier that heading out of town into the country where fewer people live.

So they loaded up their Lincoln Town Car, grabbed a rifle and headed out looking for game. Once spotted, they fired from the open window of the car killing two deer, one pregnant the other a button buck. A resident, Gregory Nelson, who has observed poaching in his neighborhood before, heard the four shots – I guess the poachers are bad shots if it took four to kill two standing deer – grabbed his binoculars and attempted to get the license plate number of the car. The two crooks jumped from the car, grabbed the deer, tossed them in the trunk and sped away.

When that didn’t happen, he jumped in his own car and caught up to the poachers. He then called 911.

It is not deer season and neither of the two men were licensed. Both are being charged with illegal killing of deer and other related charges are pending. I guess when authorities questioned the two men and asked them why they did it, their response was, “Why not?”

Throw the book at em!

Tom Remington