February 5, 2023

Fox Sports Net Giving Free Air Time To HSUS

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Much to the disagreement of the U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance, Fox Sports Net, owned by the media conglomerate Rupert Murdoch, is giving the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) free air time in to promote an anti-trapping message. According to Fred Aun from the Star-Ledger, USSA doesn’t think the free time, presented as a public service announcement fits the bill.

According to the alliance, FSN did not charge the HSUS to run a 15-second commercial that featured HSUS President Wayne Pacelle urging people to support bans on trapping. “To add to the sensationalism, the spot opens with a loud clank as a foot-hold trap with teeth — a trap that has been banned throughout the country for decades –snaps shut,” said an alert to sportsmen issued last week by the USSA.

Since trapping is a legal and regulated form of hunting and wildlife management, the alliance said it contacted News Corporation officials and questioned the propriety of giving the anti-trapping message the same treatment as other public service announcements. It urged the officials to “immediately pull” the HSUS spot.

The request was denied, and the commercial will continue airing through the end of the month, said the USSA. A message left Friday with Tom Tryer, one of the network officials the USSA contacted, was not returned.

Who needs enemies when they have friends like this.

Tom Remington