December 2, 2022

South Dakota Wants To Know, "How Was Your Hunting?"

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It’s a new year and a time to reflect back and look ahead. Once again this year South Dakota Fish, Game and Parks Department wants to know from hunters how their season went regardless of success.

Harvest survey cards are being mailed from the department, asking hunters to please complete and return the survey. GFP wants hunters to return the surveys whether or not they hunted and regardless of whether they were successful or unsuccessful at harvesting a game animal.

A statistical procedure is used to randomly select a limited number of hunters to receive a survey card. The surveys are based on achieving high response rates and if the first survey card is not returned in a timely manner, hunters will get a second or even third survey card.

This information sent in by hunters is used in conjunction with other data to better derive management strategies.

Hunters will also be able to complete the survey online but they must use information sent to them on the card that will come in the mail.

In addition to the usual mail-back option, hunters can respond through a Web site where they can record their hunting activities for any of the hunting seasons, according to Huxoll. However, hunters still need information from their survey card in order to enter the Web site and answer questions specific to their license.

“Hunters who respond through the Web site will answer the same general questions such as number of animals harvested, animal species and sex, how long they hunted, along with their general hunting satisfaction, just like on the regular survey cards,” Huxoll said. “The advantage to this system is the convenience to the hunters, cost savings, and quicker receipt of harvest information for the department. It not only saves return mail costs, but also the time it takes to sort the returned cards and enter the information into the computer.”

Do your part and help out the fish and game personnel. This is valuable information that will ultimately make your hunting experience better.

Tom Remington