October 4, 2022

Keeping It Light

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The Gun Nut, the sometimes brash and always opinionated blogger for Field and Stream, yesterday shared a little humor with his readers of which I appreciated for two reasons. One I have a sense of humor and two, the humor comes from Ellsworth, Maine of which I am a native of Maine. I always appreciate Maine humor.

Chris Kravitt makes sheathes for knives. The Gun Nut, David Petzal, wanted a sheath made for his new knife so he contacted Kravitt, something he has done in the past. Evidently the Nut hasn’t much use for snakes, dead or alive, so he instructed Kravitt to make sure he didn’t use any snake skins to make his sheath.

When the sheath was completed and returned to the Gun Nut, in it was a note from Kravitt.

“This sheath is made from the skin of a 100 % American steer that was 100% dead by the time they finished skinning it. It was tanned in [name of foreign country omitted here in the interests of political correctness] so that we didn’t pollute any of our American water. No animals were harmed during the construction of this sheath or the writing of this foolishness. Happy New Year, Chris”

Thanks for sharing, David!

Tom Remington