December 2, 2023

We've Heard Of Big Buck Contests. Now Big Coyote Contests

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At least one citizen in Pennsylvania is taking matters into his own hands about a rapidly growing coyote population. Paul Unruh announced that his Tylersports store is sponsoring a contest with a prize to whoever can bag the biggest coyote. Even though the grand prize is nothing like a new varmint rifle, interest seems to be gaining strength.

Unruh says he’ll issue a free car inspection and emissions test to whomever can bring in the biggest coyote. He says that he fears the fish and game people aren’t going to do anything about the number of coyote and is being prompted partly because of reports of three people being attacked by a rabid coyote in another part of the state.

Many areas across the U.S. have too many coyote and even though hunting them is becoming more popular, there isn’t enough of it. More creative ways need to be invented to spur hunters to hit the woods and fields in search of the wary animal. Trapping has increased some in the past couple of years only because of an increase in fur prices.

What other incentives can we come up with?

Tom Remington