December 2, 2022

It's Wrong To Hunt Wolves Says One Woman

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Erin Anchustegui who teaches environmental ethics at Boise State University, says it’s wrong to hunt wolves. That is her opinion and she should be respected for having such an opinion. She shares her thoughts in an editorial in the Sun Valley Online. The unfortunate part of her piece is she feels the need to embellish her feelings by touting misinformation and half truths.

She states that hunters and ranchers are complaining – hunters are having difficulty because wolves kill off hunting game and ranchers lose livestock. She points out that Defenders of Wildlife reimburse livestock loss. While true in this statement, she doesn’t explain that most livestock kills don’t get reimbursement because they are not declared official wolf kills. Then she makes an incorrect statement.

Additionally, there are highly effective, inexpensive non-lethal control measures available.

The truth is non-lethal measures and not highly effective and what ones are available are very expensive.

She also states incorrectly that the wolf has now been de-listed and is legal to hunt. The truth, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it has reached an agreement with Idaho and has approved a wolf management plan should the feds choose to begin the process of de-listing. It is believed they will begin that process with Idaho and Montana. They have not reached agreement with Wyoming. In that agreement, Idaho has promised to maintain a predetermined level of wolf population which also comprises a minimum number of packs.

When the wolf was re-introduced to the region, there was a goal set by scientists as to what level of population and number of packs would be considered a successful and sustainable amount. That goal has been exceeded far beyond the expectations of scientists. Because such, it is time to reduce the packs.

Legal hunting of the wolf cannot be done until after the wolf has been de-listed. I might also point out that all parties involved have good reason to believe that lawsuits will be filed in an attempt to stop the de-listing. Who knows how long this will slow down the process.

For the Christians among us, the wolf is an indigenous member to this region. God has His own way of dealing with any excessive numbers of wolves.

I really don’t know why Anchustegui chooses to bring God and Christianity into this discussion. I can only assume that she feels it will give her more support for her claims. On the contrary. God does have a way of dealing with excessive numbers and one of those ways is he chose to give man dominion over the animals. Anchustegui even quotes the Bible.

Read Genesis I: 25 �God�made the wild animals of the earth of every kind, and the cattle of every kind, and everything that creeps upon the ground of every kind. And God saw that it was good.�

Why didn’t she continue quoting to inform readers that God gave man dominion. God understands that man has to eat and sometimes that means killing predators to protect what we eat. This is nothing new. It has been going on since the beginning of time. Why read countless stories of shepherds having to deal with wolves to protect his flock, even in the Bible.

God asks us to take care of his animals and respect them and for the most part we do. As a matter of fact in many cases we have gone to extremes to do that. Wolves shouldn’t be eradicated but it is time to get the numbers back down to more easily manageable numbers and allow the farmers to protect their food. Hunting is an American heritage in which many Americans enjoy. It is the best effective way to deal with this need.

It’s not wrong to hunt wolves or any other abundant game animal. Hunting isn’t based on vengeance or anger as the writer wants to suggest. Hunting is based on science and provides a means for people to enjoy sport and feed their families, while at the same time protecting the flocks of sheep and cattle.

The tone of the editorial suggests that Ms. Anchustegui has a little anger in her.

Take your guns, Idahoans, and go home.

If she really meant that then those who would tell her to go back to her classroom and mind her own business would be completely justified. She tells hunters to go home and read their Bibles. So too should she, only this time read it all.

Tom Remington