January 27, 2023

"And The Rocket's Red Glare…….."

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Bomb BlastThe bombs bursting in air…….? I ran across this short article just now from the KSL TV5. A man was out hunting coyote on grounds that evidently were an old firing range for the National Guard. He discovers a military-style rocket sticking up out of the ground.

The man saw the rocket sticking out of the ground, dug it up and took it home Sunday. He called police when he realized it might not be safe to keep.

Yipes! Ya think? I can’t believe this guy opted to dig it up and take it home. Authorities said the rocket was old and didn’t know if it was a live round or not. It was destroyed.

This guy was like an old dog dragging a stinking rotting animal carcass home only this could have been much worse than a fowl odor.

Tom Remington