March 21, 2023

Harnessing Useful Energy

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*Updated 2/13/2007* For more on this story and other unusual uses for moose, click here.

Texas is noted for everything BIG, Idaho for their potatoes, Florida for Disney World, California for the “fruits and nuts” and most people relate lobsters to Maine. What most people don’t know about Maine is the fierce independence of the people and their resourceful “Yankee ingenuity” when it comes to making the best of every situation.

The northern Maine residents are tough people who most often rely on what Mother Nature provides them to get by. In the Allagash area God blessed them with trees and out of need the residence learned how to use those trees to support a livelihood. To get those trees out of the woods for use, those resourceful northern Maine people believe that you just use the tools God gave them.

The photo below depicts a longtime Allagash, Maine logger taking advantage of “natural resources” to harvest logs and bring them to the mill.

Moose Logging

*Note* Recently I asked our chief photographer, Milt Inman, for a good photo of a very large bull moose. This is what he sent. Thanks, Milt!

Tom Remington