June 6, 2023

Teaching Environmentalists How To Propagandize The Public

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This is really a hoot when you stop and think about it. Environmentalists looking to promote their Marxist agendas and foist their ideals onto the American Public, have created a “Glossary for the Public“. This is a detailed look at how some words or phrases have negative connotations and others get the job done of snowing the public and pulling the wool over their eyes. It’s all propaganda used to brainwash the public and indoctrinate our kids.

Mind you, it’s never about presenting truth and facts so that the public can make rational decisions about the world around them. It is however about selecting the correct, often misleading words and phrases, in order to convince people that stealing away your property and rights is something you are willing to do but are not aware you are doing it, i.e. getting screwed and loving it.

I suggest you all read and pay attention and then using this Glossary for the Public, see how it plays out in your world.

Tom Remington