December 1, 2022

Maine Fish and Game Hire Communications Specialist

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For those who read my articles on a regular basis, know that I have always complained that one of the lousy aspects of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) is their lack of communication with the public. Now, MDIFW, through recommendations of an assessment team and from the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, has hired a communications specialist. What possibly could go wrong?

Any problems with this position will come from decisions on what to publicize. In other words, who decides what gets told and to whom that information is given. MDIFW Commissioner Chandler Woodstock recently announced a restructuring of the department but did this restructuring actually benefit the sportsmen who pay the bills or the environmentalists who have the most money and use it to infiltrate the MDIFW and control it? Only time will tell but my money rests with the environmentalists because I’ve seen very little that would indicate that much of anything has changed philosophically in the department.

In addition, I can also guarantee that if the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies was involved at any level and MDIFW followed any of their recommendations, then the MDIFW is better geared toward catering to the environmentalists and further turning their backs on the sportsmen.

As a friend told me in an email, “Somehow I think we are going to be told now that things are better when they are not.” Communication is good. It helps many of us to keep from guessing and speculating. I just wished that the new communications specialists was going to be communicating information I would like to hear that will show that good things are being done to bring MDIFW back in focus on the sportsmen and away from environmentalism, non game programs work and non-scientific natural balance.

Editorial Comment by Richard Paradis