June 3, 2023

Repeating Nonsense About Predator Control Doesn’t Make it Factual

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On September 10, 2012, the Portland Press Herald released an opinion piece in which the author believed that spending money to control the population of coyotes for the benefit of all wildlife was “ill-conceived wildlife measures”. The author claims that spending $100,000, of which only $15,000 was actually spent, was an “irresponsible use of taxpayer funds”. Was it really?

Today, in the same newspaper, a person wrote a short comment in support of the first opinion piece:

Reduce the population of coyotes enough to make a temporary difference, and those remaining will produce more pups to fill the loss in numbers. If the governor had asked the state biologists, they would have told him this.

That is the entirety of the letter.

First of all, there is no scientific evidence that proves the absurd statement that if you kill some coyotes, “those remaining will produce more pups to fill the loss of numbers”. That’s a myth that has been perpetuated by protectors of predators, like the coyote, as a means to dishonestly deceive the public in order to drum up support for private and personal agendas.

There are few that will argue that attempting to control predators can be achieved with one season of killing. It’s an ongoing thing. If the desired number of coyotes can be achieved with a required amount of effort, the task of managing a stable population is much easier.

The second issue is that the author says that if the governor had asked the state biologists, they would have told him that the coyotes would reproduce more coyotes to fill the void. That statement is probably true because most of the biologists at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and wildlife agencies all over the world, are predator protectors and have been indoctrinated to believe the same myth the author has. Therefore, the lie is perpetuated with very few people ever challenging the concept. What a travesty!

All of this is the product of non scientific brainwashing, convincing non thinking students that nature balances itself out. That if man was somehow taken out of the equation, some kind of nirvana would ensue and all would be well. Odd that they would perpetuate this myth being that if it were true, why would any state NEED a fish and wildlife department, wasting millions of dollars each year for something they seem to think would be handled just fine without them.

Dr. Valerius Geist, a foremost wildlife scientist and professor emeritus at the University of Calgary, calls the idea of this kind of wildlife management thought as “intellectual rubbish”. But why waste my time attempting to help people understand the truth when the truth doesn’t fit their narrative?

I challenge all readers to make an attempt at learning that there is no such thing as a self-regulated ecosystem; at least not in the Disneyesque sense of things. It may surprise you to know that there does not exist a system of ecology, i.e. ecosystem. That it’s not a system at all, leading people to believe it is some kind of well-oiled machinery. In reality nothing is ever static therefore there can be no balance.

Left to mother nature, reality would scare most people, with large swings of near extinction of some species, starvation and disease. That’s how mother nature does it.

But that didn’t stop the coiners of the term ecosystem, again to deceive the public and gain their support knowing people are just all too eager to believe what they are told and not think for themselves and discover the truth on their own.

If you are actually interested in truth and not someone’s “intellectual rubbish”, you can begin by reading an article I wrote a couple years ago about Dr. Valerius Geist’s comments on natural balance and self regulation. There you will find links to scientific articles and studies that will help you understand how everything is constantly changing. Wildlife does not become balanced and remain static by itself. It is in constant flux, influenced by a host of ever changing conditions and circumstances and often leaving the forests with what is known as a predator pit; void of any population of prey species and dominated by predators. Follow the links and continue your own research. It’s not easy but sometimes discovering facts is not. It’s fascinating stuff and the truth will set you free.

If you really are a believer in the conservation of all wild things, then do yourself a favor and first, stop reading and believing the garbage being put out by fish and wildlife agencies, media and environmentalists that are agenda-driven and dishonest. The conservation is about conserving ALL wildlife not protecting one species at the expense of others.