December 2, 2023

Yes! MDIFW King Doesn’t Want Subjects Playing With His Wildlife

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According to comments submitted to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) by Gerry Lavigne representing the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM), concerning the department’s proposal to “restrict” winter deer feeding, my earlier statement about the proposal rings true.

Two quick issues here. One, why is this proposal mentioning “other wildlife”? Is this proposal about feeding deer or all wildlife in general. Lumping it all together gives one the feeling that the “king” is being a turd and doesn’t want the subjects playing with his wildlife.

Lavigne writes: “Of particular concern is the list of activities that the Department considers detrimental to the deer population (Sec D. 3. a. to h.), which are considered a rule violation and a Class E crime.”

Seriously? Lavigne is spot on in that nothing MDIFW proposes is deliniative. All listings of events that are subject to criminal charges are “vague and entirely subjective”; a typical governmental tactic to leave space for arbitrary law enforcement.

You can go to the SAM Website and read all of Lavigne’s comments here.

It appears that my original hunch is accurate. In the grand scheme of things, i.e. the metamorphosis of state fish and game agencies from a sportsman’s focus to one of government expansion and control while kowtowing to the environmentalists, Commissioner Woodcock has legitimized my theory that fish and game departments have little or no interest in what the people who pay their salaries want. It’s all about dictatorial control over something they don’t even own; a real display of self-importance.

If Commissioner Woodcock would like to prove me wrong, then I suggest that while this proposal is not only extremely unpopular with the people of Maine, it has no solid basis for implementation and should be scuttled.

It just looks like what has become the norm these days; more of the king being a turd and wanting his way because he is king.

Kill the proposal and focus on something important.