December 3, 2023

How Do You “Purposely Kill” Two Wolves With a Vehicle?

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Here’s the news story that is so poorly written that it is information-starved leaving readers with no clue as to what really happened.

It appears two men in Minnesota were charged with violating the Endangered Species Act (no specifics given) and making false statements to a federal officer (no details given). But that’s not the bizarre part. The news story states:

According to the U. S. attorney’s office, evidence was presented over a four-day trial that Hoff lied to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials when asked whether he spoke on the telephone with Jensen about transporting the carcasses of two wolves that Jensen purposely killed with his vehicle on Feb. 17, 2010.(emboldening added)

How does a person purposely kill or even not purposely kill one, say nothing about two, wolves with a vehicle? Did he trap them and then run over them while they were still in the trap, drag them out to the highway and claim “roadkill”?