March 21, 2023

Criminals at Humane Society of US Plan Bill To Stop Bear Trapping/Hunting w/Dogs

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The timing is about right. With Obama’s illegal and crooked election victory and the majority of Americans seemingly content to become slaves to the government, compounded by the fact that Obama and a corrupt, inept, worthless, puppet Congress have decided now is the time to steal more of the hard earned money a few American still make, sportsmen probably don’t have enough money to fight an anti-hunting bill from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

At the local level in Maine, voters decided they would rather continue the mired-in-poverty lifestyle while being the most popular state to find free hand outs from the same Santa Clause that Obama worships, and voted the communists, er, I mean democrats back in control of the Maine Congress.

Yeah, the timing is excellent for HSUS to impose their fascists dreams onto a population of serfs eager to collect their next government dole.

In 2004, a similar battle erupted costing exorbitant amounts of money to stop bear hunting and trapping. The antis got greedy and thought they could get it all in one fell swoop. After the fact, they learned Maine voters would have voted down a trapping ban, so HSUS has gone back to work to get as much as they can now and will come back later, with their endless supply of dirty money they take from people annually, to get the rest.

Nobody took my advice of several years ago, not long after the BBI (Bear Battle I) and put their efforts into getting a constitutional amendment to guarantee the Maine people the right to hunt, trap and fish while constitutionally mandating that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) manage game species for surplus harvests. While not an end all to such asinine lawsuits, it is quite a stumbling block when crooks like HSUS know they have to somehow defeat a state constitution to promote their idealistic perversions of animal cult worship.

While it’s never too late to introduce an amendment, having done so before this latest announcement, might have warded off the efforts of the fascists.

Time to gear up the propaganda machine for Bear Battle II. What’s in your wallet?