December 11, 2023

Where Are Obama’s Executive Orders on Gun Control?

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Yesterday, the White House released 23 proposals as to what President Obama intended to sign into law through Executive Order to restrict gun access and ownership, all in the name of child safety. Did he really sign executive orders yesterday as the press seems to indicate and we were led to believe at the president’s press conference? I don’t think so.

Some people actually believe that the release of the 23 ideas from the White House, was, in fact, THE 23 executive orders. They are not. This also shows the ignorance of the citizens and the press, or the deliberate misleading of the press and the White House.

So, if Mr. President signed into law 23 executive orders then where are they? It’s a regular occurrence for me to visit the White House web page where anybody can check any presidential-signed executive order and read the finer details. Find that web page right here and bookmark it.

As of this writing, those 23 executive orders have not been posted. What is remarkable is the reaction at all levels of the citizenry over these so-called and yet, non existent executive orders. We know the one sentence proposals the president wants to do with his executive powers but none of us have anything to judge exactly how he plans to carry out this overreach by him and his administration. It’s an overreach simply because he is attempting to make major changes to a constitutional amendment, a bill of right, by circumventing Congress and the power and scrutiny of the people. In other words, the president is seriously messing with our Constitution.

All sides of this issue are reacting in every way imaginable and to what? Why don’t they pressure the White House to post all the details of each of the 23 executives orders so that then we can know exactly how intrusive and unconstitutional his plans are?…..or maybe they are not. Only after we know the details can we stand in judgement of what is taking place.

But then again, perhaps it’s more about “ginning up” the masses than about the safety of children.