December 2, 2023

Blocking Commenters

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In the decade or more that I have been administering my own blogs and websites, I have never had cause to block people from commenting. However, I have been forced to do just that because of poor behavior and abuse by several people. If you find you have been blocked on this website, well, I guess you have earned it.

Free speech is about presenting opinions and information of value. I have never block opposing opinions. As a matter of fact I encourage opposing opinions and the presentation of facts. I have been extremely lenient and liberal in allowing certain conversations and attacks on people take place. This continuous barrage of personal attacks and the most crude and vial slander is not about free speech, no more than yelling fire in a movie theater. It’s childish and to be quite honest I am sick and tired of it.

Those who have been blocked have repeatedly offered NOTHING to the process of reading, learning and education on this site. Their only purpose seemed to be to attack a person(s) and respond to attacks. Many of these responses originating at some other website.

Dedicating 10 years and more of my life to building a valued website, I will not allow its destruction for such self-serving, childish and outlandish reasons. This is not middle school nor is this censorship. It is protecting my property from something that no more resembles free speech and most resembles actions from a sanitarium for the mentally ill.

Some have been blocked and some have been warned. I will not tolerate personal attacks on anyone, any longer. I control the articles that get published here and, as in this case, I am forced to control the comments left behind, all at the same time attempting to keep open a website that promotes the free and open discussion about prominent issues.

For the overwhelming majority of my responsible and valued readers, I have heard your complaints and I hope I have answered them adequately. For the rest of you, it should be clear where I place my value.

Thank you.