December 3, 2022

Day 27 – No Executive Orders

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The silence on the whereabouts of these fabricated 23 executive orders of President Obama tells us a lot if we pay attention. I stick with my original assessment that the intent here is to create more anger, distrust and violence; perhaps to even drive people to the streets in violent protest. There are no executive orders, at least at this point, but while we are watching and focusing on other things, watch out for the Great Deceiver will foist his 23 Hitleresque executive orders on the people. And while we wait, still nothing is posted on the White House website.

And while we wait, watch this video below and then you should be asking yourself many questions. The most obvious is whether this person is capable of doing his job?; is he capable of rational discourse?; is he an example of the kind of person we should have heading any police department?; what ignorance exists in a man’s mind that he would attempt to convey to people that guns are not a defensive weapon? Also note that I don’t even think any of the people gathered around him believe a word he is saying and some actually seem embarrassed to be there.

I find this video frighteningly staggering!