August 10, 2022

Media’s Allusion to Second Amendment and Hunting Intentional

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In an earlier post this morning, I linked to an article about how Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, signed emergency legislation to stop access to personal information about gun owners. It is what was written and not written in this article that is doing more long-time damage to the Second Amendment. Let me explain.

The article read this way:

The measure was aimed at preventing publications from releasing personal information about gun owners, who comprise a major constituency for Democrats as well as Republicans in a rural state where hunting is common. (Emphasis added)

It is difficult to know whether this is written as an intentional means of wrongfully redirecting the thoughts of readers, is a product of the author’s willful and/or agenda-driven ignorance or the result of years of indoctrination received from various sources of our society but can be blamed mostly on our education factories designed to mislead and deceive.

Why these things are there is left for another article and for those with a bit more interest in that subject, a few minutes spent reading an article I wrote addressing some of this can be found here.

In its simplest form, what is being intimated here is that the Second Amendment is for those who hunt. Perhaps the author knows no better and believes this to be true, especially because the subject at hand is gun ownership in the state of Maine. Would the same author have made the same ignorant statement had the governor of New York signed a similar emergency piece of legislation? Perhaps and under many circumstances I would have said no. Today, I would say that the author, in his or her perverted perception, would make a similar statement but substantiate it by believing that nobody hunts in New York, or at least like rural Maine, therefore why do New Yorkers need guns at all.

I believe what is written in this article about guns and its association with hunting is a deliberate attempt at misleading people as to the purpose of the Second Amendment. Those who hate guns know that it’s a small percentage of the population of the United States that hunt and the more people they can convince of this the more people will ignorantly see no reason to own guns.

Which brings me back to why a seemingly innocent statement, like the one being addressed here, can and does create much misguided animosity toward gun rights, i.e. the right to keep and bear arms, if perceived as being a part of the privilege of sport hunting.

I have heard estimates as high as 300-400 million guns are owned by Americans and clearly those 300-400 million guns are not owned by people who hunt. Nor was the Second Amendment devised for hunting. It was devised for the purpose of self defense/protection and to ward off governmental tyranny.

While it is most often that those who oppose gun ownership will adopt and perpetuate the guns-are-for-hunting dogma, occasionally some will submit to a person’s God-given right to defend and protect themselves, seldom though does anybody talk about our rights to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government both from at home and foreign governments. When the masses of people have come to disregard any notion of the existence of any sort of threat from their own government, it may, in fact, be a glowing sign of the existence of tyranny and thus all the more reason for the right to keep and bear arms in an unlimited fashion. Such manipulation of the mind in people becomes a very dangerous thing. None of this is new.

I am a native of Maine and I grew up with guns. They were just a part of my life and it happens I used them for hunting. Even as a young boy I understood that guns could be used for self defense and I must admit in my days of youth I don’t recall ever having need to think of, nor do I recall having discussions about, my government stealing away my rights and turning me into a slave.

The years I did spend in Maine, taught me, however, that Maine people don’t own guns to hunt. They hunt wild game with many tools and one of them happens to be a gun. Maine natives are fiercely independent, the ultimate in being free, and I happen to know that the overwhelming majority of them would list hunting as at least third on their list of why they should own a gun.

So, the next time you read or hear anyone making reference to the Second Amendment as something for hunters, politely set them straight but at the same time understand that this tactic is being used, sometimes knowingly and sometime ignorantly, by design; the design of which comes from a ruling class that cannot fully function until they have disarmed America.

Protect our Second Amendment. It is our last stronghold preventing despotic rule which will happen under a one world government.