June 3, 2023

Day 37 – No Executive Orders

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Day 37 and the people and the White House seem obsessed with “sequestration” and whether or not the government will be able to take more of the subjects money and possessions through taxation. The fear mongering the president and his puppet regime of media bloviators and false prophets, falls right in line with my suspicions of President Obama’s intent to divide and conquer, to anger the people, to establish an avid distrust of government and more importantly each other. He wants us to take to the streets, to get violent, to create chaos and uproar. This has been his mode of operation with fake demands for gun control and weapons confiscation. Think Arab Spring! Create chaos! Everything always in chaos! Recall Rahm Emmanuel’s comment to never let a good crisis go to waste. Take to the streets and Obama will declare his much sought-after national crisis. He then becomes the dictator he always wanted to be; the results of all the preparations he has made to this point of his despotic rule.

Nothing posted on the White House web page about his false signing of 23 executive orders on gun control. Fraud, deceit and forgery! And the people have come to expect it, nay, to enjoy it! Where is hope?

(Added a bit later) A Colorado state representative says to get rid of guns and if you are being raped just urinate and vomit on the perpetrator. That’s good enough self defense. I bet this clown has tried it. What do you think?