May 28, 2023

Day 41 – No Executive Orders

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41 days and President Barack Obama is not standing behind his word. He is a fraud, a deceiver; a person with ill intent, to lead the people astray by design. He designs to divide and conquer. He has yet to publish his promised 23 executive orders for gun control on the White House website.

And speaking of gun control, the video below is interesting and yes, a rallying cry to Americans to become active to effect change. The orator in this film says that gun control does not exist. He says there is no such thing as gun control and each time we use that term, we are co-opting the language of those whose ultimate goal is people control. That’s what it’s all about. He also makes the comment that you can’t fight wolves by creating more sheep. Sorry for the wolf lovers who will probably take offense to his metaphor, because of their sick passion for wolves. What can I say? We live in a highly censored world…….by design.

While the speaker’s call for action is toward voting and the ballot box, I’m not sure how effective this will be so long as our voting process remains so corrupted the people have no confidence that it works honestly. God still performs miracles!

I believe one of the things Barack Obama lied about in his fake photo op with children was that he wanted to create a single source data base for gun owners and mental patients. And why should any of us have any sense of security that this government and administration will be able to protect that information?

Judicial Watch tells us that the Government’s Census Bureau can’t protect and keep track of the data they collect on every human being (and made up ones) in this country. And we are supposed to bow down and let government have even more information, even more accessible to anybody crooked enough, or bored enough, to go get it. No thanks!