May 28, 2023

Giving President Obama Power to Decide Tax Cuts

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A recent poll indicated that the majority of readers, or at least those who participated in the poll, didn’t think the whoop-ti-doo over sequester was anything but a smoke screen. President Obama continues his campaign to scare people about how you and I will grown an extra set of feet because, well, there might not be enough money to prevent it from happening.

Now we hear from the stupid “elephant” party, that as a compromise (spelled I don’t care anything about rights or even doing what’s right or wrong) they are willing to cede the power over to despot Obama and let him decide where cuts will be made in department budgets. (Won’t that like require work or something? He better check his tee times before making such a big decision and check to see if the Senate has gotten “off their asses yet.”)

This is another dog and pony show and as always the American people will wake up with bird poo in their eyes and all the politicians will brag about what terrific people they are because the poo bird didn’t poo in their eyes.

So, the question today, if you care, is, do you really think there is a difference between members of any political party? And as always feel free to carry a debate to the comment section. Thank you.

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