December 11, 2023

Day 48 – No Executive Orders

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Included below in this post is a YouTube video of about 14 minutes in duration. The video contains a compilation of some of the lies told over the years by President Obama. In addition to his lying, which by the way is not something intrinsic to just politicians from Chicago, he likes to blame everyone but himself, even after telling people he doesn’t believe in blaming other people for things he is ultimately responsible for.

The reason I included this video today is because it helps us to understand that 48 days ago, once again, this president lied to the American people. 48 days ago, a dog and pony show erupted and today has now turned more into a Kabuki Theater of political posturing, playing all sides of an issue and at the same time exemplifying his abilities to divide and conquer. There are still no executive orders published on the White House website.

While we wait for the 23 executive orders he promised the people, don’t hold your breath. We shall never see them because he never had any intentions to do so. He is a Flim-Flam man, the doctor of a Traveling Medicine Show, a Charlie McCarthy puppet dummy who mouths the words of others. Just add this lie to the thousands of his other lies and we see the real man.

See video at the bottom of the page.