September 25, 2023

Day 51 – No Executive Orders

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Yawn! Day 51 of false promises and intentional lies, and the Duffer in Chief has stopped White House tours because of budget constraints from the worst scam since Y2K, i.e. Sequestration! In response, an equally brain-dead politician proposed a bill to stop funding the Duffer in Chief’s golf outings. And in case you didn’t know it, the White House has posted job openings for 400 positions. I heard that has jumped to 606 but can’t confirm.

The republicans decided to filibuster a vote on Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan, asking for a more concise explanation of what the President intends to do with drones flying about in U.S. airspace spying on people. I suppose the republicans will get the same definitive answer about drones as the people have gotten about the Duffer’s 23 executive orders he promised and lied about. (Note to self- Check to see if during the 13-hour filibuster anybody mentioned the Department of Homeland Security’s purchase of 2,700 light armored tanks.)

Day 51 since his dog and pony show and no executive orders have been posted on the White House website.

A proposed anti-gun bill in Florida is enough to make me so angry I could go buy some ammo and…….Oh, wait! A Florida politician is proposing a bill that would require anger management classes before anyone can purchase ammunition. Don’t that just make you angry?……..that anyone is that stupid!

And speaking of stupid, I guess there’s something in the water. A resident of Sabbatus, Maine proposed that at the next town meeting, residents vote on whether to require the “head of household” of every house to own a gun. I wonder what part of freedom of choice people don’t understand? This is another example of the engrained totalitarian mind set. WE MUST DO SOMETHING…..ANYTHING.

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