December 11, 2023

Day 55 – No Executive Orders

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I have mentioned before that the depth of brainwashing and propagandizing of the American people is such that even those whose intentions are good, don’t understand their positions have been diminished with years of mind control.

To better understand this, we see that just the simple act of stating one’s belief that a right should be as a simply stated right as it was intended, as an example, the Second Amendment. To say that the Second Amendment should have no “reasonable” restrictions, automatically thrusts you into a world of ridicule and name-calling. You become radical, extreme, right wing, a terrorist, etc., all because the masses have been indoctrinated to believe that “reasonable” restrictions on all our rights, or at least those that most directly hinder the unfolding of a One World Government, is the right thing to do. Another term for this is called common ground or compromising – one of the biggest tactics used by progressives to move absolute rights toward totalitarian rule. Take notice that our society and our political system is now fully engulfed in the mantra of “finding common ground” and “compromising”, believing that nothing can “get done” without it. It’s actually mentally ill behavior in my opinion as well as a formula for political destruction.

In Wiscasset, Maine over the weekend a pro gun rally was held. I was reading the news account in the Bangor Daily News. There are two points in the news article that I would like to take a moment and examine.

The first is what the organizer of the event was quoted as saying in reference to why her protest was intended to send a message to law makers:

“Our representatives’ job is to represent the people,” said Beckwith. “They need to know how we feel. By putting forward anti-gun legislation, we don’t support that. Why should it be allowed to pass? We need to make our politicians accountable for their actions. For far too long, our rights have been trampled on and we need to draw the line in the sand right here, right now.”

A bold statement for sure but why now is it time to draw a line in the sand? Don’t get me wrong. Any action to defend Second Amendment rights is good. The problem is we have been complacent for so long, much the result of a well planned method of brainwashing. It is next to impossible to ever take back rights that have been lost. The truth is, the drawing of the line may have come just a bit too late.

On the other hand, this event shows us another example of how brainwashing has programmed us to believe that doing something like working to restrict Second Amendment freedoms is not an abridgement of rights.

Rep. Timothy Marks, D-Pittston, has proposed seven bills that would restrict Second Amendment rights and yet he has been quoted as saying:

I support the Second Amendment and I always have,” Marks told the Bangor Daily News last month. “I support gun owners’ rights and my votes will reflect that.

Isn’t that a line taken directly from the mouth of the Liar in Chief, Barack Obama?

In addition to a bill that would require all concealed carry permits be handled only by state police, Marks’ anti gun legislation includes:

….criminalizing the possession of an expired permit, raising the minimum age to hold a permit from 18 to 21 and inserting questions about a person’s mental health history into application materials.

A more accurate statement by Marks and Obama would be that they support the Second Amendment as they interpret what it should say and what it should permit.

That rights should be absolute is today considered idealistic at its best and radical extremism even terroristic at its worst. The only way to change the direction this country is headed is through the dismantling of the brainwashing machination that so deeply infests our society.

Good luck with that.

55 Days and there are no 23 executive orders published on the White House website.