December 2, 2023

Day 65 – No Executive Orders

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Day 65 and perhaps the below photo of President Obama’s broken down limousine is indicative of the man and his mission.


In case you were wondering, there are no executive orders about gun control posted on the White House website. Perhaps we’ll get those after the President gets his college basketball picks taken care of. Well, maybe we better say when the tournament is over with. Well, then again, there’s golf, vacation, golf, campaigning, golf………

Obama Bin Biden!

Joe Biden, the Charlie Mccarthy of the Vatican….oops! Strike that! Joe Biden, the Charlie Mccarthy of Barack Obama said in an interview with NPR……..all kinds of things that made little sense; classic Joe Biden.

One of Obama Bin Biden’s (name comes from the fact that Obama does what Biden has been instructed to tell him to do and Biden then does what Obama tells him to do) complaints about gun ownership, as well as many other ignorant people, is that “military-style” guns have no place in the hands of private citizens. The reasoning, as near as anyone can figure out, is because it looks like really bad or something. We’ve progressed from faulty thinking that inanimate objects take it upon themselves to kill people, to mean looking guns killing more than, well, just killing I guess.

So, here’s a question for Obama Bin Biden. If gun manufacturers made a gun that functions identical to an AR-15 (military-style weapon most hated) but made it look like a ukulele, would that be okay?

Constitution and Liberty

Below is a video of one man’s testimony before the Connecticut Congress on proposed gun control laws. This debate was the result of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the knee-jerk reactions of the jerks who make laws.

Take note at the end of the video. This is where this man states that the Constitution does not guarantee public safety but is supposed to guarantee liberty. The politician speaks and takes exception against the testimony that no solutions can be found that will stop crime.

The irony comes, when the congressman accuses the witness of painting everybody on his congressional panel with the same brush while saying that the act of the lawmakers proposing these gun bills was despicable. Sort of under his breath, the person giving testimony comments that that is how people like him feel by the actions of the lawmakers. And I agree! The congressman is offended to think that a citizen would broadly characterize all Connecticut politicians as being the same and treated the same, and yet the politicians are proposing nonsensical legislation that broad-brushes all Connecticut citizens as being potential criminals, that if they had guns taken away, they wouldn’t act like criminals. Can we say the same about politicians? If we took their microphones and gavels away from them, would they still act like elite lunatics?