February 7, 2023

Day 67 – No Executive Orders

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Day 67 and President Obama has yet to post his 23 executive orders on gun control on the White House website.

There’s Nothing to See Here! Move Along Now!

In an article found at USNews, the Department of Homeland Security is saying that any notion that they are purchasing or have purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition is business as usual. Enough ammo for a 20-plus year war is normal DHS business?

I’m Just Too Confused!


If you will recall a few weeks ago in Maine, a bill was proposed that would protect the personal information of those people holding a legal Maine concealed carry permit. Due to a FOIA request from the Bangor Daily News for that information, Gov. Paul LePage pushed through an emergency injunction that would put a stop to the release of that information until such time as the Legislature could consider a proposal that was on the docket.

This week the bill that had been introduced by Rep. Corey Wilson, R-Augusta, LD345, that would prevent anyone from having access to personal information, reached the legislative committee and was tabled by chairwoman, Sen. Linda Valentino, D-York. The committee vote to table the action followed along party lines. Sen. Valentino was quoted as saying: “the panel needs more time to consider a complex amendment offered by another legislator.”

Certainly, far more complex bills than this simple bill have come and gone from various committees. Why does the democratic chairwoman think this bill is so complex? Maybe she just doesn’t like it.