September 24, 2023

Maine Gun Rights Supporter’s Help Needed

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Dear Gun Rights Supporters: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Next week is a very important week for gun rights here in Maine. All in one day, the Maine Legislature’s Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety will be hearing several bills related to our 2nd Amendment Rights. (Constitutional Carry LD 660 has been moved to April 11th).

We need as many people to come as possible. Our power in numbers is our greatest strength. Please come stand up for our freedom. These are extremely important hearings. Even if you don’t want to speak before the committee, your presence is just as important.

I WILL BE HOLDING A GATHERING OUTSIDE THE STATE HOUSE BEFORE THE HEARINGS ON MONDAY APRIL 8TH AT 8:30AM WITH COFFEE & DONUTS FOR EVERYONE. The hearings start at 10:00am. Let’s show up together as one and support each other. Let’s give each other the confidence and encouragement for our testimonies.
We will enter as a group and stand in solidarity for gun rights.

– LD 1183 – An Act To Prohibit the Enforcement of Federal Law Placing Restrictions on Firearms or Ammunition
(Sponsor: Rep. Johnson of Eddington)

LD 1054 – An Act To Prohibit Enforcement by a Federal or State Official or Others of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012 (Sponsor: Rep. Libby of Waterboro)


– LD 997 – An Act To Establish Restrictions on Ammunition Feeding Devices
(Sponsor: Sen. Alfond of Portland)

– LD 267 – An Act Regarding the Sale of Firearms at Gun Shows
(Sen. Gerzofsky of Cumberland)

– LD 380 – An Act To Clarify the Law Concerning the Threatening Display of Dangerous Weapons
(Sponsor: Rep. Gattine of Westbrook)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Hope to see you there.

Jessica Beckwith