December 10, 2023

Move For Background Checks to Buy Black Powder in a Police State

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New Jersey Senator, Frank Lautenberg, is proposing a bill to require full background checks in order to purchase black powder, because…………?

Let’s face it. The logic and reasoning ability of some people is quite flawed. If this is the mindset among men, like Frank Lautenberg, then it is time to expand this list of items that should necessitate a full background check and those items which should be banned by government “for our protection.”

Both lists, using the same level of reasoning, should include but not limited to: Backpacks, baseball hats, sun glasses, nails, ball bearings, glass, pressure cookers, garage sales, boats (where terrorists hide), cars, convenience stores, public events inside and out, planes, shoes, etc. I mean seriously, where do we stop? And for what reason?


Police State

When you consider that people lined the streets after the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger of two brothers, already condemned to death by the police and media for blowing up people during the Boston Marathon, to applaud their work, one has to wonder: How willing are people to roll over and play dead and hand any or all of their rights to the government? How many of those people applauding the work of the police understood what was taking place in those door to door searches for the suspect? Why did the FBI not keep Tamerlan Tsarnaev under surveillance as promised? The questions go on and on.

I do not think that I am alone when I thought or assumed that when it was announced that the police in Watertown, New York were going house to house “sweeping” the area, it DID NOT involve illegal search and seizure. If you watch the video below, supposedly a video taken of a police “search” of a house in Watertown during the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one has to really wonder who it is that we should fear. Are we at greater risk from a fleeing criminal and murderer or a dozen or more heavily armed law enforcement personnel treating you like a terrorist, evicting you from your home and I am assuming they police DID NOT have a search warrant to enter this home. One move by any one of these people would not have been a pretty sight.

One has to wonder if the police were so intent on getting into lawful citizens’ homes to see what they could find and flex their authoritarian muscle, that they simply missed finding the suspect who later was found holed up in a tarp-covered boat.

I think it is time that people woke up and began to understand that if they want to believe what the government and law enforcement is telling them, that this kind of terrorism is the “new normal”, then we should NOT be so eager to give up our arms, especially the assault weapons, and cast our rights to the ground, to appease the police, all in the trumped up cause of national security.

Listen carefully to what law enforcement and government is suggesting that we need to do “to make our communities safer.”