January 27, 2023

NSSF Dumps Reed Exhibitions, Will They Dump Connecticut?

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Most of you are probably already aware that earlier this year, the Eastern Outdoor Expo in Pennsylvania was canceled when Reed Exhibitions, who host the event, banned guns in the show. Mass numbers of exhibitors pulled out of the show eventually forcing Reed Exhibitions to cancel.

When you combine the questionable tactics of Reed Exhibitions with the anti gun efforts by this administration and groups bent on ridding the world of guns, things happen that leave one to question the sanity of some businesses such as Reed Exhibitions. The backlash and fallout from Reed’s gun banning is still showing up.

Recently the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) announced it was dumping Reed Exhibitions, who have been doing their SHOT Show for over 30 years.

Some NSSF members say this announcement took too long in coming but in addition to that, are questioning why NSSF doesn’t pull it’s operation out of Connecticut, which recently implemented several anti gun and anti gun business regulations.