March 20, 2023

Who’s Behavior is Unacceptable and Shameful?

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I find, even if only in one small account of everything spinning out of control in Washington and in particular within the Obama White House, that the comments made by Attorney General Holder to be a small sampling of an arrogant member of this administration believing himself to be above the law and can exempt himself, as does the President, from taking any responsibility for his own department.

But don’t be mistaken. These dog and pony shows, called “hearings”, are designed and run mostly for the purpose of a member of Congress to showcase himself and doing all that he can to discredit the witness in this case (opposing party members). Cabinet members and other non elected officials should know and understand this kind of theater and professionally conduct themselves accordingly or face the consequences that AG Holder is going to face by his childish attempt at chastising Rep. Issa for his behavior. Consider the fallout Hillary Clinton has taken for her outburst asking “what difference does it make now” in reference to who was responsible for allowing Americans to die.