October 2, 2022

Problems With Ticks or At Least Those Who Study Them

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Why should anybody take seriously information put out in a newspaper that publishes ignorant comments made by so-called researchers. When such comments are made, any sane person would therefore question all aspects of what was written. I guess there remains few sane people in the world any more.

The Kennebec Journal, in Maine, published a lengthy article about ticks and the collection and research ongoing with these little blood-sucking creatures. In part of the article in begins a list of reasons why ticks have spread unchecked from coastal regions of the state of Maine northward reaching the far northern parts of the state. Thrown into the list of reasons for spreading ticks was this excuse: “Increasing deer populations have also helped the deer tick population grow.” Maine hasn’t seen an increasing deer population in at least 10 years and perhaps closer to 20 or 30. As a matter of fact, in the mid 1980s, Maine might have had as many as 300,000, or more, deer. Today, while I’m not sure anyone is brave enough to issue any official estimate of the number of deer, and if harvest numbers are any indication, I would guess deer populations are half what they were 25 years ago.

When tick researchers lament that in order to control tick populations, killing more deer becomes necessary, I don’t see the statement that increasing deer populations causes growth of ticks as any small potatoes. Ticks may be on the increase in Maine but surely it has nothing to do with too many or “increasing” populations of deer. If these researchers think Maine has too many deer and are spreading ticks, one has to wonder what proposals they may have for killing more deer at a time when some in Maine are trying to figure out how to save the deer herd in the biggest regions of the state.

So, this brings me back to my opening statement. How much of the rest of the article should we believe and rely on as factual if the researchers have no more clue to the deer population that this?

Maybe it’s all about money.