March 21, 2023

When Bears Intrude, It’s ALWAYS the Humans’ Fault

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When I’m reincarnated (only kidding) I want to be a bear, or some other large, worshiped predator. These critters can do no wrong. Imagine, according to American’s indoctrination by our institutions of higher brainwashing, a certain percentage of humans in this country will turn out “bad” – that is make bad choices, etc. I once learned, perhaps in the Bible, (also kidding) that God created man as the dominant species. I think, or maybe I just assumed, that meant that as a whole, humans possessed the ability of higher thinking than an animal, say a bear.

But according to those who either worship predators, like bears, and most who say they study and understand bear behavior, there are no bears, that is, a percentage of bears, like humans, that grow up making bad choices – like setting up camp in your backyard and eating your garbage; climbing a tree and hanging out next to an elementary school; attacking someone’s livestock, or attacking and harming or killing a human.

Nope! It’s always mans’ fault isn’t it. And where bears live perfect lives, never making bad choices, it is us humans who must adapt how we live in order that the perfect bears aren’t disturbed.

The article which I read, that has prompted my little mini rant here, states that, “An ambitious wildlife-conservation plan in effect for several years includes programs for educating the public and, it must be said, for controlled hunting.”