January 27, 2023

Lost Guns, Gun Registries, Gun Confiscation

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As would be expected, the U.S. Government (and no, the government is NOT me and you) can’t keep track of their own guns and seems to lose them, God knows where. In addition, the record keeping for these weapons is so poor, officials don’t know how many guns are missing.


Shock!!!! Some crooked politicians (they all are in case you didn’t know) are thinking that perhaps the NSA is collecting and compiling gun ownership data and creating a database of information with it. Shock again! What? You thought they weren’t already doing this?


Flooding around Calgary, Canada of late has forced the evacuation of 13,000 residents from their homes. Due to the “emergency” declaration of the government there, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have the right to enter homes and search them without a warrant. Sound familiar? This is America today.

While many only think about the “good” such actions are in helping to find stranded people, etc. few are questioning why the RCMP is confiscating guns that they “happen” to find while conducting their searches. Sound familiar?