September 28, 2023

“Spot and Stalk” Bear Hunting as a Management Tool

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I have to keep asking myself what in the hell is “spot and stalk.” I guess even the sissies who think animals think, feel and have rights like humans, have co opted even terminology of hunting methods carried down throughout hunting history in order to reinvent and put pretty pink lipstick on a pig.

I assume “spot and stalk” is some wuss’ devised locution meaning to “still hunt.” “Still hunting” is a term that’s been used for generations to describe when a hunter actually sneaks through the woods in search of his or her game. It is often the choice of hunters not adept at sitting on their behinds for hours on end and better desire to take up the challenge of outwitting the crafty instincts of a seasoned game animal.

Regardless, the same sissies and wusses, want to do away with all forms of hunting bears with the exception of their momma’s boy game of spot and stalk. The liars are saying all forms of hunting bears, with the exception of spot and stalk are unnecessary for black bear population management but don’t pay any attention to those trying to find ways of keeping an exploding bear population in check before they kill off all the deer and moose.

If you are willing to accept even what the biologists at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) are saying that all methods are necessary to keep the number of bears in check, then consider how effective a “spot and stalk” bear campaign will be to curb bear population growth.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a bear has been spotted numerous times in people’s back yards, etc. in the town of Newport, Maine. The reporter says, “but Newport police and Maine game wardens were unable to find the bear.” If Maine wardens and the local police are unable to find one bear, how many hunters employing the namby-pamby “spot and stalk” are going to be able to find and kill a bear? Have any of these idiots ever considered why baiting and running bears with dogs is still used as a tool to manage the black hairy pig-like creatures?

It’s easy to share with uninformed people of all the places that have outlawed baiting and hounding bears with dogs that don’t have any bears, or enough to even matter. The states that still allow baiting actually have black bears and it is a recognized necessity to control bear populations.