September 25, 2023

Green Bullets Because of Fear Person Shot Will Die From Lead Poisoning

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What nonsense! According to an article found at World Net Daily, some think that the Obama administration is attempting a back door assault on Second Amendment rights by mandating that lead ammunition be banned because of the environmental damage it supposedly causes.

As with most of these issues, one is left wondering who to believe. For instance, according to the article, lead from bullets must be so abundantly shot and scattered over the landscape it’s a wonder any of us are still alive.

Even the U.S. Geological Survey has had something to say about lead-based ammunition. It estimates that nationwide there are 400,000 pieces of lead shot per acre in areas where game is hunted, which can potentially be eaten or washed into waterways.

400,000 pieces of lead shot per acre? That’s absurd……isn’t it? Maybe the U.S. Geological Survey should define “pieces” as it pertains to lead shot. And what are their “estimates” based on?

But above all, lead bullets should be banned because after all, we can’t have someone being shot in a gang shoot out in Chicago die from lead poisoning.